Gamma Formula 700ml Cen

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CEN GAMMA FORMULA may assist in:

  • Lean Muscle Mass Increase,
  • Improve Appetite,
  • Reduce Stress In Hard Working Equine Athletes,
  • Improve Overall Body Condition,
  • Calm The Agitated Or Sour Horse.

The active ingredient in CEN GAMMA FORMULA is GAMMA ORYZANOL extract, emulsified in an oil base that allows it to be properly delivered and absorbed in the digestive tract of the horse



Appetite Booster IconAPPETITE BOOSTER

CEN Gamma Formula is great for picky eaters or horses that go off their feed when in heavy/intense training.


Powerful Antioxidant IconPOWERFUL ANTIOXIDANT

When horses are in training, they undergo a natural release of free radicals in response to muscle and cell membrane damage. The high antioxidant capacity of CEN Gamma Formula helps protect the membranes from the free radical effects which promote quicker recovery times.


Body Conditioner IconBODY CONDITIONER

The natural anabolic effect of CEN Gamma Formula helps stimulate the growth of lean muscle and strength. It helps promote a better muscle to fat ratio from the effect it has on the increased metabolism of fat and protein synthesis.



CEN GAMMA FORMULA is a natural nutraceutical. Gamma oryzanol is a naturally occurring mixture of sterols and ferulic acid found in rice bran oil. It has been shown to have a positive effect on weight gain in the form of lean muscle mass due to their effect on the horse’s endocrine system, resulting in increased fat metabolism and protein synthesis.

Research in horses showed improved muscle definition throughout the body.  Also, recent research strongly suggests that the Ferulic Acid portion of the Rice Bran & Extract Gamma Oryzanol structure in rice bran is responsible for the anabolic activity by increasing hormone precursor levels (pregnenolone).
These effects are due to the chemical composition of the Gamma Oryzanol molecule. It is a plant sterol that is similar in structure to steroids but has none of the dangerous side effects. It is a natural alternative that is not a prohibited substance.

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