Pet DEtox DErt (Diatomaceous Earth Worming & Parasite Control For Cats & Dogs)300g Pawsome Organics

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DEtox DErt™️ is a natural worming and parasite treatment.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is fossilised microscopic algae (diatoms) that have been ground into a fine powder. It is a natural worming and parasite treatment that not only helps keep away nasty critters, it may also help detoxify your pets body as well as assisting gut health. DEtox DErt™️ is easy to use and is applied directly to your pet’s food.

Use continuously for best effect
DE must be used continuously to work effectively. The diatom’s porous nature dehydrates the flea/worms and parasites which in turn kills them. DE is full of minerals like sillica, iron, magnesium and calcium which may assist your pet’s overall condition

Safe for us, safe for them
DE is also used regularly in grain storage; which means we are all eating little bits of DE in our breakfast cereals. Adding a bit of DE to your own diet can help your skin, hair and nails look nice and lush

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