Beetroot Powder 150g Super Sprout

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The Super Sprout way makes it easy (and fun) for you and your family to get real nutrition every day. Use the all-natural powders with your breakfast, lunch, or dinner, to support your health and happiness. There is no limit to what you can do with Super Sprout’s 100% pure, non-GMO vegetable and fruit powders. Put them into your favourite recipes or add them to your favourite juice or smoothie. They are just as nutritious as eating whole fruits and vegetables – only much more convenient!

Super Sprout has a state of the art factory in Melbourne which has a unique drying process. The growing production and gentle freeze drying processes are optimized to retain the naturally occurring bioactive compounds of the fruits and vegetables, in an environment which is free of herbicides, hormones, artificial growth promoters, and genetic modifications.

Super Sprout are 100% pure, real, non-GMO fruit and vegetable powders with no additives, preservatives or artificial colours.

Beetroot is the great body protector! Access the natural goodness of beetroot any time with the Super Sprout’s 100% Pure Organic Beetroot powder – one of the finest in the world!

• Beetroot is a great tasting vegetable that has extremely low GI and is high in soluble fibre which may help to reduce high blood cholesterol levels 
• Beetroot may increase oxygen uptake at the cellular level, reduce blood pressure and protect the cardiovascular system 
• Super Sprout only use the highest quality Australian Grown Organic Beetroot to ensure the Beetroot is one of the purist available anywhere in the world 
• A natural freeze dried product, with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. 
• The finest quality powder with no other products or “fillers” added – just 100% Pure Beetroot Powder (Australian Certified Organic)
• Gluten Free
• Non GMO
• Vegan
• Dairy Free