Collagen Hydrolsate Beef 100g NES Proteins Nutraviva

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Premium Unblended Grass Fed & Finished Collagen Hydrolysate Hasta Tested

At Nutraviva, we believe you deserve the guarantee and assurance that our products are exactly what we claim them to be. For this reason, we send Nutraviva Beef Collagen Hydrolysate off to be batch tested by HASTA, the leading Australian sports supplement testing specialists. HASTA independently tests for over 200 WADA banned substances to reduce the risk for high profile athletes. By having Nutraviva Beef Collagen Hydrolysate batch tested through HASTA, we can provide a certificate to show that there are no WADA-banned substances detected in that batch, making it a safer choice for competing athletes. 

Our Collagen is sourced naturally from pasture-raised bovine cattle that are grass-fed and free from chemicals such as growth hormones, antibiotics, herbicides and pesticides, which are used when cattle are taken to feedlots to speed up the growth cycle prior to processing.  When you buy premium Nutraviva Beef Collagen Hydrolysate you are providing your body with a healthier and safer supplement.

  • Kosher Certified 
  • Gluten-free
  • Keto and paleo friendly
  • Grass fed and finished

Country of origin: There is currently no Collagen Hydrolysate manufactured in Australia. The only country where we could find a suitable grass-fed product is in Brazil. All other Countries we investigated were unable to separate the source material and appeared to have a blended variety of grass and grain-fed product.

Nutraviva is 100% Australian owned and operated.