Day Cream Harmonising 150ml Tinderbox

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Daily skin comfort
Authentic botanical ritual to beckon forth your inner beauty

Packed with herbal power, this natural, non-greasy moisturiser promotes the skin’s own functions to interact in harmony with the inner body and with the outer environment. The pure plant ingredients regulate the skin’s natural oils, leaving it pleasantly refreshed and hydrated. A natural day cream that nourishes and restores balance to all skin types. Available in three sizes: 50mL eco pump, 100g glass jar and 150mL eco pump.

Ingredients: purified water, cold-pressed almond oil, olive oil derived emulsifier, organic shea butter, rose hydrosol, herbal extracts (yarrow, linden flower, elder flower, rosemary), pure essential oils (Australian sandalwood, lavender, frankincense, manuka, clary sage, neroli), cocoa butter, olive derived stabiliser, botanical preservative (essential oil derived), organic vitamin E (plant based), xanthum gum, benzoin gum tincture, maltodextrin.