Fusion Pain & Inflammation 60T Willow Bark

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PAIN & INFLAMMATION WITH PAIN-RELIEVING WILLOW BARK AND BOSWELLIA We’re now using a willow bark extract with a higher concentration of salicin. This change means the dose of salicin per tablet has been increased by 50%, while the dried stem bark equivalent has been reduced to 1.2g per tablet

Boswellia input has increased to 912mg dried gum oleoresin per tablet (was 700mg), and is now standardised to provide beta-boswellic acids 148.2mg (was previously standardised to provide boswellic acid 113.75mg)

Fang feng input has increased by 272% to 750mg dried root equivalent per tablet (was 275mg)

Dosage: Due to these changes, the dosage recommendation has been reduced to 2 tablets, two times per day.

Warnings: Updated as per guidelines ü Allergen statement added: Contains sulfites