Herbal Hair Oil 100ml Tinderbox

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Intensive plant treatment for hair.

An exceptional, natural conditioning treatment bringing lustre, body and health to all hair types. This pure, botanical tonic stimulates blood flow to the scalp and helps eliminate dandruff and scalp disorders. Excellent remedy for split, damaged or falling hair.
Just massage the blend thoroughly into the scalp and leave in for as long as you like (five minutes to 12 hours), for a deep, strengthening treatment before you shampoo.

For gentle everyday cleansing use Conditioner for All Hair Types.

Contains: cold pressed almond, sunflower, kendi and organic jojoba oil, herbal extracts (nettle, bay), essential oils (rosemary, sage, juniper, manuka, ylang-ylang). Packaging: recyclable blue glass bottle. Formerly called Hair Conditioning Oil (same recipe except kendi oil added).