Herbal Sprinkle Refill 125g Tinderbox

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Make your taste buds sing

Enhance the taste, aroma and quality of almost any food with this natural seasoning  that completes egg, tomato and avocado; sandwiches, hors d’oeuvres and salads. Discover new ways to bring a zap to your food. Contains only natural ingredients without preservatives or additives.

Also available in 65g shaker

Ingredients: black pepper, chives, garlic, garlic salt, celery salt, oregano, marjoram, parsley, cayenne pepper.

Nutritional Information Per Serve 1g a few shakes (per 100g): energy 7kJ (684kJ), protein 0.1g (7.40g), fat, total 0.0g (2.20g), fat, saturated 0.0g (0.2g), carbohydrate 0.3g (24.7g), sugars 0.1g (5.4g), sodium 110mg (11000mg). Packaging: food-safe plastic pouch (recyclable where you take your soft plastics - not in your yellow bin).