Lavender Splash Spray 100ml Tinderbox

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An ethereal perfume.

Scent Inspiration: When Calmness prevails, the healing begins…
A versatile natural perfume: soothing pillow spray, cooling spritz for hot flushes, relieves head tension, body deodoriser and contagion barrier. Maybe you just love the natural cleansing scent of splendid lavender. So distinctive and unfailing in its delivery.
Lavender is an exceptionally caring essence that unfailingly listens to us and remedies a thousand ills. Comforting, it cools the angry, gnawing beast within and without, quelling the despotic tyranny of the fearful mind while alleviating trapped trauma. How hastily it transmits soothing messages of relaxation to all parts of the body and mind and psyche. In the dark of the night lavender leads our dreaming vulnerable body safely through the labyrinths of the astral plane helping us remember the wisdom teachings of our dream states.

Scent Story: Few people are unfamiliar with fresh herbaceous scent of lavender essential oil, which is the main act in this olfactory experience. Good quality lavender is devoid of harsh eucalyptol notes and becomes quite flowery as it evolves. Being a middle-to-top note, lavender as a loner volatises too quickly, so we have made this simple scent more elegant by rounding it out with a deeper, woody sandalwood base and a high note of invigorating bergamot, both which beautifully complement the aroma, nature and mood of this natural scent. Without forfeiting the classic “purity” trademark of true lavender, this unfussy blending renders the lavender livelier, lifting it from its customary pedantry usage that signals cleanliness and rational order.

A natural perfume cologne that doubles as a sanitiser containing only botanical ingredients, including pure plant essential oils.

Ingredients: certified organic botanical undenatured ethanol, purified water, pure essential oils (lavender angustifolia, sandalwood, bergamot), solubiliser (vegetable source). Packaging: recyclable blue glass bottle.