Prosperity Cream Perfume 15g Tinderbox

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A scent for abundance.

An elevating perfume to bestow us with the receptive state of gratitude and appreciation. Abundance manifests when we consciously connect how we feel with our positive intentions. Scent the path for a rewarding life. A pure plant aroma that contains only natural  ingredients, including botanical essential oils.

Scent Story: The aromatic secrets of this natural, solid perfume are suspended in beeswax only to be set free by the warm touch of human skin; when the abundant treasures are revealed. Basking amongst this mermaid’s cherished cache: sandalwood, myrrh, Buddha wood and vetivert flourish, providing foundational inspiration for worldly ideas and spiritual wealth to unfold. Up rises, a rich, rousing coffee scent with confident notes of juniper berry, geranium absolute and ylang-ylang; ceremoniously accompanied by captivating cistus to catalyse our desires and mobilise our dreams into actuality. Intensifying our heart’s longing, jewel-like gossamer strands of luminous lemon tea tree, ruby grapefruit and mandarin, shimmer across a shifting odourscape like lighting up the sea to invite us within. Prosperity the perfume beckons us to look with grace into the deep pool of our subconscious where we might discover the mother lode of treasured dreams for our souls most prosperous future.

Ingredients: cold-pressed jojoba oil, essential oils (geranium, juniper berry, buddha wood, mandarin,  ruby grapefruit, vetivert, sandalwood, coffee, cistus, ylang ylang, myrrh, lemon tea-tree), beeswax, benzoin gum tincture (made with certified organic botanical undenatured ethanol). Packaging: reusable bamboo pot.