Raphael Spray A Scent of Healing 100ml Tinderbox

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An Ethereal Perfume.

Scent Inspiration: A divinely fragrant blend of pure plant oils; boundlessly impassioned to impart whatever you need to be whole and thrive. Invoke the nurturing powers of Raphael, our caring, compassionate archangel, to guide, inspire and mentor you towards self-healing. Breathe deeply the spiritual scent of Raphael and expand your comfort zone. Empower your prayers with a clear intention to foster the positive thoughts and actions to promote healing. Infused in raw Emerald.

A natural perfume in cologne form containing only botanical ingredients, including pure plant essential oils and absolutes.

Scent Story: A fragrant, feathery embrace that is warm, sweet and comforting, like loving protective wings that cloak you in a safe soft sanctuary; awakening strange and familiar feelings of being in exactly the right place at the right time. The olfactory vibration of Moroccan chamomile, geranium, ruby grapefruit and lavender settle organically into your psyche, stirring dormant powers of perception and awareness.

The delectable and almost edible notes of vanilla and cacao absolute bring deeper nurturing sustenance for the always-hungy heart, arousing occluded self-love and newfound abilities to tranform negativity. The magnificent fragrant note of champaka absolute holds court in this unique botanical composition, connecting our individual drop of consciousness to the vast stream of cosmic intelligence where we may discover what we need for healing.

Ingredients: rose hydrosol, emerald gem infused water, pure essential oils & absolutes (amyris, ruby grapefruit, geranium, cacao, champaka, vanilla, chamomile maroc, juniper berry, lavender angustifolia), solubiliser (vegetable source), benzoin gum tincture (made with certified organic botanical undenatured ethanol). Packaging: recyclable blue glass bottle