Breathe Blend Kit Tinderbox

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Temporary relief from a stuffy nose.

This special combination of penetrating and dispersing pure essential oils comes packed with this easy-to-use and environmentally sustainable bamboo pot. Keep it in your carry bag and inhale when you need to; or place it nearby to help you breathe easy. Breathe Blend can be used separately in steam inhalations, oil burners, dabbed onto handkerchiefs or added to a little olive oil (5:100) for use as a chest rub. 

Directions: Place a few drops of Breathe Blend into the pot. Leave the cork on for a subtle fragrance of the lid off for a stronger smell.

Kit contains 1 x Breathe Blend 15mL and one bamboo pot. Blend Contains pure essential oils (eucalyptus, camphor,  pine, rosemary, peppermint, clove, thyme and lemon). Packaging: recyclable/biodegradable card box. Blend formerly called Sinus Blend.

Also available: Breathe Blend, Breathe Elixir, Breathe Vapour Rub.