About Us

Broome Natural Wellness

We pride ourselves in bringing health and wellness and awakening the spirit of all clients.

About Us

Broome Natural Wellness is owned by Jen, Susie and together with their team are committed to improving the health and wellness of all customers by using a balanced approach to achieve and maintain optimal wellness.

Broome Natural Wellness has a dynamic health and wellness team including-:

Jen Stevenson - Jenn is a qualified registered Naturopath, Homeopath and Bioenergetic medicine practitioner with over 21 years of experience in private practice. For many years Jenn has helped women, men, teenagers, children, babies and even the family pet with any health challenges empowering one to become the healthiest version of yourself. Jen uses a combination of nutritional medicine (diet and supplements), herbal medicine, homeopathy, lifestyle medicine, bioenergetic medicine (often known as energy medicine or frequency medicine) and modern functional medicine (pathology testing) to help you achieve lifetime results. Jenn is a lifelong naturopath and is passionate about digging deep and finding the underlying causes of illness and disease.
Susie Dawson - As well as a background in business management, finance and accounting, Susie has a Masters Degree in Nursing, is a bioenergetic practitioner and will shortly qualify as an equine therapist. Susie has had a lifelong interest in health and wellness and identifying the underlying causes of illness and disease with a specific interest in animals. Susie researches and analyses many of the new products to ensure they are in line with our vision to provide optimal health and wellness to customers.
Cathy Kidgell - Cathy has been in the wellness industry for over 18 years with previous studies in Aromatherapy, Skincare and Reflexology. Overseas she worked in and managed Health shops and Wellness Clinics. She currently loves her job being surrounded by beautiful natural goodies and helping clients reach their health and wellbeing goals. When not at the shop, she offers Energy treatments using Integrated Therapeutic Alignment & Reiki.


The dynamic team at Broome Natural Wellness are here to assist with all your health and wellness needs. Please feel free to make contact with us.