6 Dietary Poisons Guide Aracaria

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This Guide presents helpful information on the six most dangerous dietary poisons: sugar, fat, caffeine, alcohol, salt and food additives.

The World Health Organisation states that common, preventable risk factors underlie most non-communicable diseases.

Most non-communicable diseases are the result of four particular behaviours:

  1. tobacco use
  2. physical inactivity
  3. unhealthy diet
  4. harmful use of alcohol

These behaviours lead to four key metabolic/physiological changes:

  1. raised blood pressure
  2. overweight/obesity
  3. raised blood glucose
  4. raised cholesterol

Our bodies are naturally adapted to filter out poisons, prevent them from doing harm and eliminate them from the body. Problems arise when large quantities of toxins are consistently introduced over a length of time. In addition, environmental poisons increasingly impact on our bodies. These toxins include all the chemicals used in growing and manufacturing food. Smog and air pollution, synthetic food additives, artificial sweeteners and water impurities all add to the toxic load.