Black Pepper Ground Organic 80g Pure Food Essentials

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If you like the flavour of pepper in your cooking, but you’re not so keen on biting into a fiery piece of roughly ground pepper, then ground black pepper powder would be your choice. Pepper is used by more people in the world than any other spice and Australians are no exception. Salt and pepper are our staple table condiments, and it really is worth seasoning with the best quality spices you can afford. Our organic ground black pepper is so full of spicy flavour that you’ll notice a difference.



Finely ground pepper is easily absorbed, and blends well into sauces, gravies and soups, spreading its warmth throughout the dish. And, you’ll want to retain the best flavour, so just make sure you keep it in a sealed container in the dark because pepper loses its intensity when it’s ground. That pepper that sits in a shaker for months on the bench in your kitchen or dining room won’t have any punch left and it’s time to toss it out or use it as a garden spray!