Black Pepper Whole Organic 80g Pure Food Essentials

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If you like the crunchy texture and intense flavour of chunky ground peppercorns, then you’ll want to have the best pepper and a good pepper grinder on hand. It’s not surprising that black pepper is the most widely used spice in the world. Good quality whole pepper adds depth of flavour and a spiciness to savoury foods that is hard to achieve with conventional ready-ground pepper. When pepper sits in a clear glass shaker in a café for months on end, it just isn’t worth using! If you’ve cooked with whole green peppercorns simmered in a dish, then you’re clearly a pepper lover. It’s an unusual, perky flavour, but as the green pepper dries out, shrivels and turns black, the flavours intensify. 



Who doesn’t like peppercorns freshly ground onto a dish of steaming garlic and anchovy pasta, or a sizzling steak or on sliced avocado on toast… or on perfectly poached eggs? Store dried whole peppercorns away from light in a sealed pouch, and those intense flavours will be ready to burst out when you need them. 

Black Pepper Paneer is fabulous served with steamed basmati or rolled up in a roti. 



Apart from it’s fabulous flavour and aroma, black pepper contains the active ingredient piperine. Piperine gives pepper its heat and is known to help the body’s absorption of other phytochemicals, like curcumin from turmeric. Among the health benefits of black pepper are its antibacterial, antioxidant, and respiratory relief properties.