Bug Free Roll-On Gel 50ml Tinderbox

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Buzz off Bugs!

Bugs won't settle near you when you wear this fresh, pure natural scent. For those who don't want an oil-based repellent and prefer a more refined citrus scent to do the job. Pure Plant protection from flying insects in a handy roll-on tube. This uses quite gentle essential oils to mask the scent of your own body from insects, so it is more suitable to young children and sensitive skin (always patch test first). As it is a water-based gel, you will need to apply it more regularly than Tinderbox Bug Free Oil. Or, if you prefer a spray option, try Lavender Splash.

Ingredients: orangeflower floral water, essential oils (geranium, lemon tea-tree, lime, juniper, verbena lemon, patchouli, velivert, spearmint), xanthum gum, vegetable glycerine, grapefruit seed extract. Packaging: HDPE (number 2) recyclable roll-on tube.