Cleanser Fennel Yarrow 150ml Tinderbox

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Fresh and restorative

Remember, real radiance resides within

Cleansing, softening and restorative, with pure plant oils to thoroughly and gently clean facial skin. This natural cleanser minimises impurities and congestion so skin feels fresh, supple and hydrated; yet unstripped of its own natural oils. Use daily to benefit from the remarkable firming and healing properties of the herbs. Ideal to remove make-up. Perfect to use on its own or combine with Spritzing Toner. Available in 50mL and 150mL sizes.

Ingredients: purified water, cold-pressed almond oil, cold-pressed sunflower oil, rose hydrosol, herbal extracts (fennel, yarrow, rosemary), vegetable emulsifying wax, pure essential oils (sage, geranium, manuka), grapefruit seed extract, vitamin E, xanthum gum, benzoin gum tincture. Packaging: 100% recyclable PP (5) eco pump.