Comfrey Cream With Coraki Tea Tree Oil 50g Spectrum Herbal

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Spectrum Herbal Coraki Comfrey Cream is a skin moisturising cream that nourishes and revitalises the skin using essential oils and containing 10% Comfrey extract.
COMFREY has been traditionally used and known for relief of bruises and sprains, reduce swelling, reduce pain associated with osteoarthritis, sciatica, boils, rheumatism, varicose veins, bed sores, healing skin wounds, insect bites, muscular pain, pulled tendons, gangrene, shingles and dermatological conditions. Comfrey’s nickname is ‘knitbone’ because of its traditional used in healing bone fractures. The Comfrey plant contains allantoin, thought to stimulate cell growth and repair while simultaneously depressing inflammation.