Dandelion Coffee 150g Tinderbox

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with Organic Ginger and Cardamom

Tinderbox dandelion coffee is a delicious, satisfying, caffeine-free drink with no hidden additives. The roots of the liver-loving herb dandelion are roasted with cardamom and ginger. Supports all the body systems to function optimally. Roasted and spiced. Suitable for daily use or as a healthier replacement for caffeinated drinks.

Suggestion (per cup): Delicious results are obtained by simmering gently for up to five minutes in a saucepan with half water and half milk. Strain and add honey to sweeten if necessary. Alternatively, brew in a percolator for plunger (as you would freshly ground coffee), using up to one tablespoon per cup. Contains only botanical ingredients; completely natural without preservatives or additives.

Ingredients: dandelion (roasted)*, ginger*, cardamom*.  *Certified Organic.