Deodorant Twilight 50ml Tinderbox

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with Bicarbonate Soda


in recyclable blue glass bottle with roll-on.


Potent plant oils and bicarb effectively clear odour-causing bacteria to keep you smelling clean, fresh and nice to be near. It won't block your pores, which stops our necessary, eliminating sweating process. Contains only wholesome ingredients for your skin and the environment.

Avoid use on hyper-sensitive, broken or freshly shaved skin. Discontinue if skin irritation develops.

Ingredients: purified water, herbal extracts (witchazel, green tea, chamomile, aloe vera), bicarbonate soda, pure essential oils (balsam copaiba, manuka, juniper berry, geranium, lime, frankincense, litsea cubeba, cypress), benzoin gum tincture, xanthum gum. Packaging: reyclable blue glass bottle with plastic roller ball.