Fruity Ginseng Herbal Infusion Tea 100g Tinderbox

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with Biodynamic Fruit

A healthy and stimulating brew to bring a zap to your day and heighten mental alertness. Enjoy this wholesome and energising beverage, starring ginseng for strength and stamina, with the natural sweetness of biodynamic fruit. Helps overcome fatigue with rejuvenating herbs that are respectful of your body's natural homeostasis. Sulphur-free, rich in nutrients and not depletive to the body like many decaffeinated drinks. Contains only botanical ingredients; completely natural without preservatives or additives.

Suggestion (per cup): Infuse one teaspoon of Refresher in freshly boiled water for up to 10 minutes for a rich, fruity brew. Enjoy with honey or on its own. For a zesty summer drink, serve cold over ice with a wedge of lemon.

Ingredients: ginseng, biodynamic apple, cinnamon, sarsaparilla, lemongrass*, biodynamic pear, biodynamic banana, rosehip, juniper berry*, ginkgo biloba.  *Certified Organic.

Packaging: recycled and recyclable card box (zip lock PE plastic bag inside. Cut off zip and discard, recycle rest of bag at your closest soft plastics depot).