Geranium 15ml Tinderbox

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Pelargonium graveolens  

This is a variety of geranium whose scent is widely recognised and readily imbibed. Geranium complements almost all oils and this oil typifies the familiar garden scent – even though the common garden variety of geranium yields too little oil for commercial use. In fact, of the hundreds of varieties of geranium, only 10 species supply essential oils. Geranium oil is the great balancer and regulator for the bodily functions, restoring harmony. Other varieties also available Rose Geranium and Geranium Bourbon Essential Oils.

Aroma: Middle Note.

Perfume: Light, lemon-fresh top notes and soft, rosy, sweet floral undertones.

Blends well with: everything. Try especially chamomile, cypress, juniper.

Indications: Antidepressant, antiseptic, astringent, stops bleeding, wound healer, deodorant, diuretic, vermifuge, tonic.

Part of plant used: aerial parts

Type of extraction: steam distilled

Grown and processed in: China

Precautions: May cause irritation to sensitive skins. Avoid use during first trimester of pregnancy.