Golden Inca Berries Dry Fruit 150g Morlife

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Golden Berries (Inca Berries) are a unique tasting fruit that has a tart yet slightly sweet taste. Couple this with its soft texture and yellow orange colour it makes for an interesting and exotic addition to a variety of dishes.

  • Source of magnesium
  • Source of iron & omega 3
  • Source of antioxidants
  • No added sugar
  • Gluten free


Enjoy a small handful (15g) of Morlife Golden Berries daily. Perfect for an on-the-run snack, tossed through a salad, mixed into fruit salad, with your favourite fruit and nut mix, or stirred into yoghurt or breakfast cereals. Alternatively, use Golden Berries to super-boost your baking by adding to your favourite muffin, slice or loaf recipe.


Dried Golden Berries (Physalis peruviana)