Herbal Sprinkle Shaker 65g Tinderbox

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New Glass Jar - Food's favourite friend

The friendliest seasoning on your table. Has a remarkable affinity with tomato, avocado and egg. Gets on well with baked veg, pop-corn, dips and  feta. Loves sandwiches, salads, nuts and seeds. This completely natural seasoning enhances the taste, aroma and quality of almost any food. Discover new ways to make your tastebuds sing!  Contains only natural ingredients without preservatives or additives.

Now in a glass jar with sprinkle lid. Use the sprinkle setting for a light seasoning, or for larger amounts remove the lid and use a teaspoon.

Ingredients: black pepper, chives, garlic, garlic salt, celery salt, oregano, marjoram, parsley, cayenne pepper.

Nutritional Information Per Serve 1g a few shakes (per 100g): energy 7kJ (684kJ), protein 0.1g (7.40g), fat, total 0.0g (2.20g), fat, saturated 0.0g (0.2g), carbohydrate 0.3g (24.7g), sugars 0.1g (5.4g), sodium 110mg (11000mg). Packaging: glass jar with aluminium sprinkle lid.