Pestoff Spray 125ml Hidden Valley Handcrafts

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Our highly successful Pestoff Heavy Duty Concentrate made into a smaller spray version for normal use. This is therefore an alternative to the Pestoff Lotion for those who prefer all the same active ingredients in a mist spray instead of a lotion. 

A completely natural herbal spray designed to deter insects. It contains no DEET but has 3 active ingredient types - a local plant extract used traditionally to deter insects, neem oil (a natural insecticide) and insect deterring essential oils. It works perfectly well if used properly - it needs to be applied to all exposed skin and re-applied every 2 - 3 hours.

Use sparingly on children under 3 years as this spray contains 3% essential oils. See the Biting Midges in Broome pamphlet in the Downloads tab for other ideas for littlies.

A large 500ml bottle is available but due to its weight, we suggest you buy just the Pestoff Concentrate plus the empty 500ml trigger spray bottle and add your own water.