Jarrah Honey TA 30+ 500g Fewsters Farm (WA Only)

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Fewster’s Farm honey is gathered from ancient Jarrah forests of Western Australia. The hives are placed in a Jarrah forest and the bees work doing what they do best, producing clean, healthy and tasty honey.

Once the honey has been collected it will be taken to Fewster’s Farm in Muchea, where the honey is removed from the honeycomb using clean and modern extraction technology.

Unlike many commercially available honeys, Fewster’s honey is not heat-treated or chemically processed; it is 100% natural with no additives, preservatives, colors or sugars added.

Fewster’s Farm produces a range of organically certified honeys that are fully accredited by the Organic Food Chain (OFC) , and follows strict procedures as required by this governing body.

All honey is tested for moisture content, which normally tests below 16%, (the lowest according to global standards) this is what gives the honey a shelf life of thousands of years. Before being packaged, FF honey is filtered and tested for microbial content which gives a reading of TA or ‘Total Activity’ – this is what gives the honey its health kick. Honey is considered very healthy if it achieves TA 20+. Fewster’s Farm has been testing a variety of its honeys for antimicrobial properties in New Zealand with the highest score reached in 2013 by Fewster’s Jarrah Honey with Total Activity (TA) reaching up to TA 38.1. This makes it one of the best performing honeys in the world.

What makes Fewster’s honey special is the fact that it is being produced in commercial quantities without changing and decreasing the true value of Western Australian honey .