Mythic Muse Spray 100ml Tinderbox

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An Ethereal Perfume

If myths are imaginary, then many moments may be made mythic

"A myth is not something that never happened; a myth is happening all the time."
Mystic Medusa 

A natural perfume containing only botanical ingredients, including pure plant essential oils and absolutes.

Scent Inspiration: Breathe in Muse, a fascinating pure plant perfume for a flash of insight or celestial inspiration - to create. Tap into the deep wellspring of universal vision and let its creative genius flow through you. Muse conjures an imaginative and productive space in which to become the innate artist you truly are. Find the sweet spot of ingenuity when the task itself is its own reward. Dive directly into the absorbing present moment of 'doing'.

Scent Story: A complex and unusual olfactory narrative that is both bold and mysterious, unfolding its intangible beauty with unexpected highlights. Top notes of neroli flowers and bergamot immediately beckon you off the beaten track into a fragrant space where the poised heart notes of jasmine, cistus and geranium absolute hold you in their sway. Once smitten with this actualising aroma, a subtle presence of indulgent pure coffee bean absolute and cardamom is revealed to you, to be savoured and indeed felt with confidence and creative daring. You surrender, sinking deeper into the sweet, woody and spicy abyss of Mythic Muse where anything is possible. Be still and breathe, quieten the mind and concentrate on nothing, allowing your creative spirit to stretch and move.

Ingredients: orange flower hydrosol, amber gem infused water, pure essential oils/absolutes (geranium, orange, amyris, bergamot, coffee, jasmine, patchouli, neroli, cistus, rose, tuberose, cardamom, cinnamon bark), solubiliser (vegetable source), benzoin gum tincture (made with certified organic botanical undenatured ethanol). Packaging: recyclable blue glass bottle.