Organic Grain Free Granola 300g Paleo Pure

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Another firm favourite is our low fructose blend. This muesli is different to our other blends because we use ORGANIC BROWN RICE SYRUP in place of Maple syrup. We do this because RMS has zero fructose. Coconut flesh is also extremely low in fructose so this one ticks all the boxes if you are following a paleo lifestyle but watching your fructose intake or have fructose malabsorption issues. Our muesli makes the perfect accompaniment to berries, yoghurt or sprinkled on top of just about anything. Using carefully chosen nuts & seeds, we then lightly oven bake it, giving it a crunchy texture. Coconut meat is then added along with wonderfully aromatic cinnamon.

Are you a member of the "Paleo Police"? This one is not for you.