Rose Radiance Spray 100ml Tinderbox

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An Ethereal Perfume.

A botanical face and body spritzer to brighten the spirit and gladden the heart. Rose radiates the real meaning of love.

Purest absolute of Rose combines with its hydrosol, creating exquisite and embracing pure plant scent. Rose, indicated for grief and loss, assuages a broken heart. It helps us to let go, reawakening the innate joy of the pure, abiding Self. Rose rejuvenates and hydrates skin, erasing traces of tiredness for a refreshed glow.

This is a natural perfume containing only botanical ingredients, including pure plant essential oil of rose.

Scent Story: Rose Radiance embodies the rich, sultry and full-bodied scent of roses that tends to be multi-layered like their real smell in nature. This natural perfume of the heart covers the full scale of notes present in a full-blown rose: soft, sweet, fruity, woody and dry accords in which to revel. Rose absolute, the strongest extract from vast amounts of Moroccan roses, has been dissolved in a quality rose hydrosol or distillate, to make the experience more intense and just like being showered in fresh red rose petals.

Ingredients: rose hydrosol, witch hazel extract, benzoin gum tincture (made with certified organic botanical undenatured ethanol), essential oil (rose maroc), solubiliser (vegetable source), grapefruit seed extract. Packaging: recyclable blue glass bottle.