Shape Shifter Incense 50g Tinderbox

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For the Shaman's Journey

Shape Shifter unfurls its fragrant fumes to stir our primordial memories, empowering our visualisation and sensory exploration of the life forms that most inspire us. Dissolved into the universal pool; we feel joined in an exuberant union with all else as the door to Mystical Nature opens and anything is possible. Inspires imagination, adventure and courage.

This natural incense is unique in that it is pure plant materials (resins, plant parts and pure essential oils) in granule form. Place a teaspoon of incense in an oil burner dish (do not add water) and ignite candle for a slower, economical and subtle burn. For a quicker, more dramatic burn, place incense on a small dish, shape into a cone and ignite directly. Douse the flame to create a burning ember. Re-ignite at intervals if required. You can also burn this incense on a charcoal block, or on top of a wood stove.

Contains: sandalwood, benzoin gum, myrrh, essential oils (geranium, palo santo, vetivert, juniper, cedarwood, clary-sage, honey myrtle), pimento, cinnamon, juniper berries, oak moss, sage, mugwort, star anise. Packaging: heat-sealed biodegradable cello inside recyclable cardboard tube.