The Henna Tree Dark Brown

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Pure Indigo and Henna Natural Hair Colour.

Dark Brown will give shades of Natural Dark Brown.

Dark Brown will fade and then can become permanent.

If you are dyeing your hair with Dark Brown for the first time and have mostly grey or blonde hair, you will need to apply Rich Auburn (pure henna) first.

This 100g pack will cover shoulder length hair.

Pack includes instructions and gloves.

HERBS – Indigo and Henna

More about henna

* Henna has been used for thousands of years and has many healing properties.

* Henna has been used as a medicinal treatment for a range of ailments.

* Henna is known to have a cooling attribute, for this reason it is great to be used in hot climates, and on sealed wounds or burns. So the best time to henna your hair is in the middle of the day.

* The women of the deserts would put henna on the palms of their hands and the soles of their feet for cooling. Traditionally, henna is used to adorn the hands and feet of women for celebrations such as weddings and pregnancy, it is used for this, because it is believed to clear away negative energy and bring harmony to the self.

* Henna is a natural product. It is very rare for henna to cause any skin irritation. But if you have sensitive skin or you are not sure, do a patch test on your skin first, just to make sure.

* If you are applying the henna tree herbal hair colours or cassia conditioning treatment for the first time, you should do a swatch test of your hair first. Especially if your hair is chemically dyed or peroxide bleached.