Turmeric Wattleseed Chai 100g Tinderbox

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 Nutrient Rich Herbal Brew

Roasted West Australian black wattleseed stars in this comforting protein-dense beverage that is blended with rich, earthy turmeric. A hearty, restorative tonic that delivers powerful antioxidant benefits for your body. The spicy chai brings fun and warmth for a very pleasant caffeine-free coffee alternative that is highly nutritious. Natural and delicious.

Suggestion (per cup): Stir a teaspoon of Herbal Brew into a little boiled water to remove lumps. Sweeten with honey if desired, then add to your chosen milk (including nut, oat or rice milk). Heat in a saucepan or warm and froth using the steamer on your coffee machine. Alternatively: brew in a percolator or plunger (as you would freshly ground coffee) before adding milk or honey.

Ingredients: Turmeric*, West Australian wattle seed, cinnamon, cardamom*, ginger*, nutmeg*, star anise, pimento*, black pepper.  *Certified Organic.