Visionary Cream Perfume 15g Tinderbox

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Scent Inspiration: Chosen plant scents in Visionary perfume precipitate the opening of the third eye, refining our Self-awareness that enables us to experience higher states of consciousness. Visionary perfumes acts like a fragrant light bulb that lights up our vast interior realm, amplifying perception beyond the senses, whereby we become receptive to a deep intuitive understanding of the nature of life and our soul purpose. This is the meaning of direct perception.

This is a pure plant aroma containing only natural ingredients, including botanical essential oils.

Scent Story: The aromatic secrets of this natural, solid perfume are suspended in candelilla wax only to be set free by the warm touch of human skin; when frankincense, juniper and clary-sage rouses dormant 'higher intelligence'; our personal portal to unified higher Mind. Free flowing scent of cypress, nutmeg and cinnamon catalyse an extraordinary synchronised wave of energy that ripples over the cortex, connecting us to our higher Self as the source of true knowing and insight. Sandalwood, Buddha wood and vetivert with a suggestion of honey myrtle sustain the seat of our physical focus and bathe us in a glowing feeling of well-being and peacefulness, whereby we instinctively make better, less reactive choices that are better attuned to the song of our soul.

Ingredients: cold-pressed sunflower oil, essential oils (frankincense, Australian sandalwood, vetivert, cypress, buddha wood, juniper berry, nutmeg, clary-sage, cinnamon bark, honey myrtle), candelilla wax, organic shea butter.

Packaging: reusable bamboo pot.